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Join Our Engineering Team and Volunteer with Inveneo!

  1. Posted by Jana Melpolder on September 14, 2015 in the categories: Events, News

Are you interested in digital content for both hardware and software? Do you live in San Francisco or the Bay Area? Inveneo could be looking for YOU!

5499255205_16f6c2980a_bInveneo is investigating new and innovative technologies to deliver digital content to rural schools in developing regions which are off-the-power grid and have no Internet connection. Two technologies we would like hands-on help with include Outernet and Rachel Pi.

The work would entail:

  • setting up the hardware and software of these systems
  • testing their approach, benefits, and limitations
  • investigating (from a software approach) how to integrate these systems together to work in a rural school

We ask the volunteer to work a minimum of five (5) hours per week, primarily in the San Francisco office. The individual would work directly under the Engineering Department, and additional comprehensive work may be requested for ICT support. This position could continue after the initial research is completed.

Please send your resume and a brief cover letter to Jana Melpolder if you would like to apply. Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Haiti Networking Successes With Your Support

  1. Posted by Inveneo on January 29, 2010 in the categories: News, Relief

Inveneo has been on the ground less than a week, and we’ve already deployed long-distance WiFi links between ten NetHope member organizations, bringing high-speed Internet access – critical communication capacity – to relief agencies making a difference in Haitian lives.

We’re creating a robust network that’s spanning the entire city – quite a feat in the cluttered urban landscape. But Mark Summer, Andris Bjornson, and the rest of the Inveneo team could not have done this alone. We’ve had amazing support from the entire technology and relief communities.

Helping Us Succeed

First, we’d like to thank the outstanding team at NetHope and their member organizations. Working together to do everything from finding the GPS coordinates of various offices, providing transportation to get us there, and even duct taping sandbags to stabilize our antennas, the NetHope response has been impressive. To quote one satisfied customer, “NetHope really has become a synonym for ‘teamwork’!

Next, the outpouring of volunteer talent and resources has truly been amazing, helping organize our deployment, to hacking code for our in-country work, to getting the word out on our progress. Of specific note are OpenStreetMap and Open NMS.

OpenStreetMap volunteers are turning post-quake satellite images into street maps that we can load onto handheld GPS units. This is an immense help in finding sites and our way back home in the Port-au-Prince chaos. Remember, most street signs and landmarks were destroyed in the earthquake, so navigation is challenge – even for Haitians.

OpenNMS is a critical aspect of our WiFi network, because it allows us manage the load across fifteen different sites spanning a dozen organizations. Using it, we’re able to throttle or expand bandwidth where necessary to keep vital Internet data flowing. The OpenNMS team has volunteered many hours of time already and even created an account for us in their commercial support system – generosity we truly appreciate.

To quote Andris, “OpenNMS has been awesome, allowing us to stay on top of problems even before they develop.

Long-distance WiFi links to relief

Expanding Our Impact

As we complete the initial NetHope network, we’re receiving requests for assistance from other organizations in Haiti to rebuild and expand their ICT infrastructure. Haitian ICT entrepreneurs are also eager to build their own skills, and participate in the reconstruction of their country.

This is an opportunity to increase our impact, help Haitians rebuild their businesses, and build lasting capacity in Haiti by expanding our innovative technology model into the country.

You can stay involved in these efforts by following us in real-time via RSSTwitter, or Facebook.

Contribute To Our Response

We also hope you’ll join NetHope, the EKTA FoundationAruba Networks, the Orr Foundation, Steve Okay and Andrea Longo, and many of your friends and colleagues in supporting Inveneo’s Haiti response.

We are appealing for donations to cover the basic costs associated with this expansion of our Haiti relief efforts, including equipment, logistics and on the ground expenses. Please considerdonating to Inveneo using PayPal or Google Checkout below.

Inveneo is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization. If you are a US resident, and donate before February 28th, your donation may be tax deductible for the 2009 tax year.

All donations through February 28, 2010 will be used only for Haiti relief efforts, including the project to get connectivity to the major NGOs in Haiti.

Donate via Google Checkout

You can make a donation through this Google Checkout link:

Donate via Paypal

You can make a donation through this Paypal link:


Donate via Check or Money Order

Or send a check to Inveneo:

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