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Mozambique Training Yields New Partners and Healthcare Pilot

  1. Posted by Inveneo on May 20, 2009 in the categories: Healthcare, News

In May, 2009, Senior Technical Projects Manager, Jaime Bruner, and Network Engineer, Brian Shih, traveled to Mozambique for two weeks of ICIP (Inveneo Certified ICT Partner) training. After a week of classroom training, Jaime and Brian led seven trainees in the installation of Inveneo systems at four UCM-Care clinics in Mangunde, Chibabava, Muligue, and Hode, Mozambique. The training is already a success, with all four companies being certified as ICIPs. This brings the total number of ICIPs to 42 in 15 countries.

The UCM-Care project is a cooperative program with UCM (Universidade Católica de Moçambique — the Catholic University of Mozambique), the University of Pittsburg, the Center for Disease Control, USAID, and HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration, a department of the US Department of Health and Human Services). The goal is to establish infrastructure that can support more effective patient management and increased compliance with ARV treatment regimes for HIV/AIDS patients.

Together, the Inveneo team and ICIP trainees installed 19 Inveneo Computing Stations, three Inveneo Hub Servers, a long-range WiFi network, and four local-area networks. This is the first step in a pilot program to determine the effectiveness of using SMS (text messaging) technology and mobile phones to notify local community health workers about upcoming appointments for patients, check on drug compliance, and check on medication supplies.

The first phase was installing the core computers and connectivity for clinics providing treatment. These systems serve as a foundation upon which applications, such as FrontlineSMS, can run to enhance and streamline communication with community health workers in the field.