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Our Significant Progress in Building Haiti Back Better

  1. Posted by Inveneo on September 14, 2011 in the categories: Economic Development, News

Inveneo is committed to bringing real economic and education opportunities to Haiti in 2011 through the Haiti Rural Broadband Initiative and related efforts. HRBI is a collaborative program involving Haitian Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Haitian IT entrepreneurs and the many organizations – NGOs and otherwise – that will benefit from access to reliable and affordable broadband Internet. Since its formal launch in January 2011, HRBI continues to make progress in all key program areas.

Our network buildout and infrastructure has rolled out to three rural service areas, Artibonite, Léogâne and Central Plateau, including an 82 km link, our longest yet, and 89 new radios, covering 12 of 22 target communes across the country. This backbone is now fed by three Haitian Internet service providers; Access Haiti, Multilink, and Voila, and is connecting organizations across Haiti already.

The BATI Program has trained 27 BATI entrepreneurs in three provinces, with 39 more in the pipeline, and brought on two new Inveneo Certified ICT Partners (ICIPs), Haiti Telecom Group (HTG) and Transversal. The Haiti Connected Schools (HCS) program completed site surveys at 30 schools with 10 schools identified as the first recipients of ICT interventions, and French content was identified for teachers and students.

We are proud to announce that the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund has invested an additional $259,000 into HCS for solar power (panels, batteries, peripheral equipment) and installation from local power experts for the schools. This is a great vote of confidence in our program and our approach.

New Google Grant for Rural Broadband Model in Haiti

  1. Posted by Inveneo on January 3, 2011 in the categories: Economic Development, News, Projects

Inveneo Funding to Develop and Document Models of Rural Broadband Network Management and Ownership

San Francisco, CA – January 3, 2011 Inveneo, a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to connecting and empowering rural and underserved communities with information and communications technologies (ICTs) in the developing world, announced today that Google has awarded it $182,000 toward its work in Haiti.

This funding will go specifically to develop, document and implement a model of local network ownership and operations for the rural broadband connectivity program Inveneo is deploying in partnership with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Haitian entrepreneurs.

This connectivity program is supported by an innovative collective of organizations whose focus is ICT entrepreneurial capacity building, and rural economic development and education through ICTs. This collective includes the USAID Global Broadband and Innovations Alliance, NetHope, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, The EKTA Foundation and Microsoft.

Google’s award will fund the development and implementation of a locally owned operating model for the high-speed, rural broadband wireless connectivity that will be deployed in 20 regional/rural population centers across Haiti, currently not served by local ISPs. This grant is essential for Inveneo to build a model that will enable local ownership and fair use of the network so that ISPs can reach and serve clients (schools, NGOs, enterprises and others) cost effectively.

The rural broadband program, which is designed to be financially sustainable, will deliver affordable Internet services to a range of organizations. The connectivity will enable these organizations to accelerate Haiti’s rebuilding and better position the rural areas for economic development and improved access to opportunity.

“We are thrilled to be able to empower Haitians with affordable and reliable Internet access, and this support from Google is a vital component in our approach,” said Kristin Peterson, Inveneo CEO and Co-Founder. “Google’s participation in the Inveneo Haiti collaborative will strengthen the reach and sustainability of the effort.”


Inveneo is a U.S.-based social enterprise whose mission is connecting and empowering rural and underserved communities with information and communications technologies. Inveneo’s model of nurturing and supporting local talent to support technical systems and earn income has been successfully implemented around the world. Since 2006, Inveneo and its partners have delivered innovative solutions to more than 1,500,000 people in over 500 communities in 25 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Haiti.