Inveneo Campus WiFi: Connect Your Students to the World

Broadband connectivity is changing the way students learn and educators teach. New technologies make connecting your campus easier and more affordable than ever. Inveneo’s new Campus WiFi offering allows your campus to benefit from fast, reliable Internet service.

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Campus Challenge

Universities often have numerous issues with their equipment and technologies provided by multiple manufacturers, creating a Frankenstein network. Campus wireless networks are frequently down, equipment management is complicated, different systems do not talk to each other and in some places the network does not exist at all. University campuses are often geographically large areas and require wireless networks that are both powerful and reliable.

Using high-quality, low-cost equipment from manufacturers like Ubiquiti and Mikrotik, Inveneo’s comprehensive solution connects your entire campus using one scalable, easily managed network.


Typical campus WiFi components.

Key Benefits

Cost Savings

  • 30-40% lower-cost hardware
  • One Internet connection serves whole campus
  • Excellent price-to-performance value
Robust & Reliable Network

  • Silicon Valley, USA design and expertise
  • Easy setup & management
  • Local support
  • Custom designed for your needs
  • Easily scalable
  • Reduced risk of project failure


Campus WiFi makes Internet access possible for your users.

The Network

Universities typically work with a local implementation partner to align an Internet service provider and a local technology solutions distributor. A spectrum analysis is performed and WiFi access points are installed to cover the campus and its various public areas.

Users can be validated against a database and authenticated by a RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) server. Our networks work 100% transparently with various back-end user access systems and IP technologies. For outdoor wireless coverage, outdoor access points are connected to sector antennas to extend their range.

Deployment is easy and quick. Other vendors require multiple controllers – even up to four – and complicated configuration interfaces. In contrast, our network software manages many devices from a single, user-friendly management interface.

Positive Client Feedback

“I don’t have to be in the library. I can be anywhere…and access virtual libraries all over the world.”
– Student

“We wanted an architecture that would operate across the campus without high additional costs per building. WLAN Campus WiFi has proven that it can do exactly that.”
– University Senior Network Manager

Next Steps

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