Solutions Overview

Inveneo and our expanding network of local ICT partners have deep technical know-how on end-to-end solutions for challenging environments (hardware, software, connectivity, power) and we are experts in delivering ICT solutions in rural and challenging under-served environments across the developing world.

We have strategic planning and execution expertise to overcome the implementation challenges in deploying ICT solutions, and our local partner ecosystems make infrastructure investments sustainable over the long term so that organizations can focus on what they do best, providing increasing more services and benefits to their communities.

Inveneo Certified Solution Guide

Inveneo specializes in delivering sustainable information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for challenging rural and underserved environments. With our deep technical know-how, we identify, test and certify hardware devices and software applications and integrate them into ICT solutions that are affordable and robust for locations that have little or no reliable electrical power or Internet service.

While there’s no replacement for expert design services, the best information will still help you make great decisions when purchasing equipment for ICT deployments. That’s why we’ve developed the Inveneo Certified Solution Guide: a guide to the ICT equipment that meets Inveneo’s standards in the field.

The success of our deployments depends in large part on robust, dependable technology. Every piece of hardware or software we deploy goes through an evaluation process, and our experience in harsh environments around the world gives us a unique perspective into the equipment that really works. The ICSG is a collection of the equipment we use in our deployments including installation instructions and performance evaluations.


Products we use in the field and recommend for deployments.

Education Solution Map

A comprehensive diagram showing each product as it fits into a common network framework.

Testing Criteria

An explanation of the different types of tests we perform on the equipment we use.

Each piece of equipment in the Guide goes through a thorough set of physical and operational tests in our own laboratory, which we follow up with our deployments in the field. Once the equipment has proven its performance and reliability it becomes part of our ecosystem of certified products. For more high-level information on this process visit the Inveneo Testing Criteria Overview.

You may also find the Inveneo Hardware Solution Guide helpful to understand when to use desktops, laptops, and thin clients in rural ICT installations.

Currently the Guide includes products we’ve tested as part of our Education Solution. Our engineering team is constantly adding products to the list, and we’ll be making our Broadband Solution available soon.

Professional Services

Inveneo and our local partners provide strategic planning and execution expertise to overcome the implementation challenges of deploying electronic devices in the developing world. Our local partner ecosystems offer cost-effective support services in underserved areas that often lack the expertise necessary to successfully maintain technology.

We can also design wireless networks using these devices that are cost effective, locally installed and supported and meet your organizations operational needs. To inquire about your sustainable computing needs or purchase Inveneo solutions, please complete the client intake form.

Case Studies

Haiti Connected Schools

The program is now entirely run by Haitians. There were 40 targeted schools and the
results have been remarkable.

Inveneo Campus WiFi

Our network software manages many devices from a single, user-friendly management interface.

Connectivity in the Philippines

We loaded up rugged tablets with a suite of disaster response applications to give field
staff at 20+ major NGOs.