Inveneo Partner Application

Thank you for your interest in the Inveneo Partner Program. Please fill out this application to be considered for partnership.


Technical Experience

Tell us 2 concrete examples about your Server experience problems encountered and how you over came them. Make sure to include the OS you worked on and any other any relevant details

Please describe the types of networks you have installed to help us
better determine your networking abilities:

Please describe your VOIP experience and what software you’ve worked with how you set up the system and any problems you may have encountered:

Give a concrete example of an outdoor wireless network installation your company has performed:

What types of alternative power deployments have you performed (include types and sizes)?

Have you determined power consumption calculations? Which local power suppliers / companies have you worked with?

Business Experience

How many full-time employees does your company employ?

What is your annual gross sales/total revenue for the past year?

What is the largest bid you have won?

What is the average bid amount you have won?

Who are your three most recent clients with website and company

Who do you consider your three top competitors?

What do you consider your greatest business challenge?

What do you consider your greatest business strength?

What do you expect to get out of a partnership with Inveneo?

We also need to have two business references of clients that you have done work for that would allow us to call them and ask about their experience with your work.

Business Reference Name 1: Business Reference Phone:
Business Reference Name 2: Business Reference Phone: