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Do you have an ICT project you’d like to implement? Please complete the form below. We’ll help you size your project and make a recommendation on how it can be done. You can also visit our newsfeed and project page to get an overview of all of the different types of projects Inveneo and our partners can help you implement.

Before you send in a project request, here are some important things to know about how Inveneo operates:

  • Haiti: If you are inquiring about broadband connectivity in Haiti, please complete only those fields below that are indicated with a red asterisk (*). Note that we are no longer adding connections to the network in Port au Prince but are focusing on currently unserved areas, starting with Leogane, Petitie Goaves and Grand Goaves.
  • Countries: Inveneo and our local ICT partners have supported projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Haiti (full list). If your project is in a country where we do not currently operate, we can let you know if there are plans in the near future to work there.
  • Sustainability: For a list of things to consider in planning your ICT project, see Inveneo’s ICT Sustainability Primer.
  • Internet: Inveneo does not provide Internet access but our systems can connect to any available Internet service and we may be able to provide guidance on local options.
  • Funding: Inveneo does not provide grants or financing for projects. However, we can help you estimate the cost of a project for your fundraising efforts.
  • Partnership: If you are also interested in talking with us about becoming an Inveneo Certified ICT Partner, please visit our ICIP Partner section here to learn more.

We look forward to working with you to extend lifechanging ICTs to rural and underserved communities around the world.

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