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Inveneo Launches New Rural Connectivity Project in Liberia with USAID

  1. Posted by Jana Melpolder on July 24, 2018 in the categories: Economic Development, Healthcare, News, Projects, Relief, Software

Inveneo, a Silicon Valley nonprofit that works to increase Internet connectivity in the developing world, is pleased to announce its newest project in partnership with USAID. Inveneo has been contracted by USAID to expand affordable, sustainable, and reliable rural Internet connections throughout Liberia, which was tragically hit with an Ebola outbreak starting in 2014. Known as Recover.IT, the new project will connect or improve 37 different sites in Liberia, many of which are in remote, rural areas. In addition, Inveneo is pleased to partner with Orange Liberia, a subsidiary of the Orange Group.

Not only will these Internet connections help facilitate the work of healthcare workers, clinics, and development organizations already working at the local level, but they will also improve the information and communication technology (ICT) capacity of Liberians and local entrepreneurs. It is estimated that connecting 37 sites with affordable, sustainable, and reliable high-speed Internet access will directly assist almost 3,000 public officials and humanitarian workers.

FJ Cava, Recover.IT’s Project Manager, explains further, saying “it’s been proven that each incremental 10% penetration of Internet into a country increases the GDP of that country by 1%. The hope is that this capacity building allows agencies like the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Education to be able to better respond to possible national crises in the future.”

Recover.IT is a spinoff of the original ERCI (Ebola Response Connectivity Initiative) project that Inveneo implemented in 2015. During the Ebola epidemic emergency Inveneo partnered with Facebook, NetHope, Cisco, and others to deliver 100 Internet connections in Sierra Leone and Liberia in under five months.

The Inveneo team has gained many valuable insights from over 10 years of experience that it will apply to this new project. For example, Internet providers do not always have an accurate view of the market demand for high speed Internet, and that has prevented them from risking the capital that is necessary to be able to support the expansion of high-speed Internet. Recover.IT will be working on the ground with local contacts to overcome this challenge, as well as others, in the months ahead.

Inveneo’s Mission and Worldwide Impact

Inveneo is a 501c3 nonprofit social enterprise. Its mission is to deliver the tools of information and communications technologies (ICTs)  — sustainable computing and better access to the Internet — to those who need it most, people and organizations in rural and highly underserved communities of the developing world. Inveneo has over 10 years experience transforming lives in 31 countries through better education, healthcare, economic opportunities and faster emergency relief, impacting over 3,250,000 people in more than 1,900 communities.


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Remote support for end-user devices


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Product Description

TeamViewer allows users to view, operate and manage remote client computers. This enables administrators and technical support to manage multiple remote computers, greatly reducing the need for on-site IT and technical support. To connect remotely both computers must have TeamViewer installed and internet access.

For engineers in the field this is an invaluable tool. Many times technical support issues are caused by simple user errors that take seconds to solve remotely once IT staff have direct access to the local user’s desktop. In most cases this is much more efficient than physically visiting the site.

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Pricing Structure. With the Premium license ($1499) TeamViewer can be installed on an unlimited number of computers, limited to one active remote session at a time. If you plan to run multiple simultaneous connections additional licenses are needed.TeamViewer sets itself apart by having a one-time lifetime license fee. Both LogMeIn and GoToAssist are worthy competitors to TeamViewer in terms of functionality, but neither offers a one-time lifetime license.

Value Performance
Testing TeamViewer in the field we found that it worked well over lower bandwidth connections from Tanzania to Portugal, Tanzania to the US, and Botswana to the US.
Value Reliability
TeamViewer showed good stability with no issues in any of the remote and low-bandwidth situation we encountered during testing. If the connection is lost, the software automatically attempts to reconnect.
Value User Experience
TeamViewer is extremely intuitive, making it easy for administrators and support technicians to connect to and manage machines without having to refer to documentation much, or even at all.  We’ve found good adoption rates across technology partners, including some of our ICIPs. In line with our findings, our partners have reported having great success with it. TeamViewer allows users to access remote computers without on-site personnel initiating the session. This function can be used without restriction, or by issuing a temporary key that will change after a defined length of time.
Value Standalone / Dependencies
Excellent compatibility across Windows, Mac and Linux.