Inveneo worked in two African nations in 2016. In Ethiopia, it worked in collaboration with its local small business partner to provide installation and support for two projects. One project provided Android tablets for Ethiopia’s 36 teacher training colleges. The other project supported similar tablets and training for the bi-annual early grade reading assessment activity of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education. In Liberia, Inveneo began a two year project to provide high-speed broadband Internet access to rural health facilities and educational institutions in five counties targeted by USAID.
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Inveneo, in partnership with Facebook, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Cisco, EveryLayer, and NetHope, as part of the joint Ebola Response Connectivity Initiative (ERCI), succeeded in delivering 100 new high-speed Internet connections to government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
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As the Ebola crisis hit hard in West Africa, Inveneo launched its Ebola Response Connectivity Initiative (ERCI) to bring Internet connectivity to doctors, nurses, and others working in medical centers located in Sierra Leone.
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Inveneo’s Broadband for Good program accelerated access to high quality broadband services in underserved regions. Across countries in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and the Caribbean, Inveneo trained and partnered with ICT professionals through its Inveneo Partner Program (ICIP/ICT).
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Inveneo collaborated with World Vision, Microsoft, HP, SELF and Voila Foundation to create “The Haiti Connected Schools Program” – a solution that brings sustainable computing solutions and Internet connections to 40 schools in rural Haiti. Additionally, Inveneo designed a 90Km wireless link on Mfangano Island to bring high-speed Internet access to the remote African island.
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Building on the success of our long-range WiFi deployments, Inveneo launched Broadband for Good with the goal of accelerating access to high quality broadband in developing world. Inveneo and partners also launched the DadaabConnect program, bringing broadband to this Kenyan refugee camp, the largest in the world with over 500,000 inhabitants.
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After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Inveneo deployed a broadband network connecting relief agencies in Port-a-Prince to bring needed communications capacity to responding organizations. Inveneo leveraged this experience to begin expanding broadband Internet access to rural areas beyond Port-a-Prince.
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The ICIP program expands to over 60 partners in 20 countries, including additional trainings on business and technical skills. Inveneo launches its knowledge sharing approach to increase sustainability of technology deployments across the international development community.
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In Africa, Inveneo built the ICIP program to over 13 countries with 37 partners, and delivered projects that range from solar-powered computing labs to broadband networks in over 20 countries reaching over 700,000 people in over 200 communities.
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Inveneo brought the tools of ICT to communities across Africa. This is the first year of the Inveneo Certified ICT Partner program. Download the 990 Form (303k .pdf).


Thanks to the support of major contributors and friends, Inveneo began expanding access to ICTs to remote and underserved communities. Download the 990 Form (302k .pdf).