Bob Marsh

Executive Director and Co-Founder, Inveneo

Bob’s professional experience includes 30+ years in consumer and wireless computing technology – starting with one of the first home computers, now in the Smithsonian. He was a founder of early personal computer startup, Processor Technology Corp, founder and the VP of Engineering at the document management firm, Document Technologies (IPO#1), and Director of Hardware Development at GSM equipment maker Interwave Communications (IPO#2).

Currently he is also a Board of Directors member of two other Bay Area non-profits.

Stephen Okay

Co-Founder, Inveneo

Stephen’s experience of working in technology extends more than two decades. Stephen’s specialties include robotics, sensors, IOT, Wireless networking(WLAN), cross-platform architectures, UNIX/Linux, Python, and more. Currently he is a technical co-founder and Senior Systems Engineer at Service Robot Labs.

His is also an original founding member of Inveneo.

Akio Tanaka

Board Member, Inveneo

Between 1971 and 2008, Akio was a computer chip design engineer for TV and the personal computer industry. During that time he worked for Zenith, Atari, Amiga, Oak, and Samsung. His last position was as Director of HDTV at Techwell, and until 2016, he served as a Green Party of Alameda County Councilor.

He is currently on the board of KPFA-Pacifica radio.