Top Photos: Our Chief Technology Officer in the Field

Inveneo is lucky to have had Andris Bjornson on its team for the past five years. Working as the Chief Technology Officer, Andris led the engineering team with outstanding vision, expertise, and dedication that could easily be seen throughout all of Inveneo’s projects he was involved in. Staff members described Andris as a manager with great technical knowledge who remained focused throughout all different kinds of challenges. A few members of the engineering team explained further:

“He always paid extra attention to detail. If something was on his plate, you know it would get done 110%. He was a solid team member and was excellent at troubleshooting problems throughout projects in the field.”

“We knew he was a committed leader, and he always did whatever was necessary to see an ICIP’s project succeed.”

Andris will no longer be with Inveneo because he is moving on to an exciting new venture with VoloInveneo’s first spinoff that’s creating “broadband for the next billion”. He plans to travel to Uganda for three months to help Volo deploy its first network.

The Inveneo team is very grateful for all the hard work and dedication that Andris has poured into the organization, ICIPs, and other partners over the past several years. We wish him the very best in the future!

Check out a few photos below of Andris’ work in the field. All photos courtesy of Andris Bjornson, Prairie Summer, or Inveneo staff.

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Sukrabare install complete

Andris Bjornson (center) in Nepal with Romel (Smart Solutions), Sudip (Nepal Ministry of Information and Communication), Bobendra (Online Computers), and Prem (SoftSpace). They are celebrating another successfully installed Postal Information Center. August 2009


Andris at work with a Andriod Phone Survey Training in Chuuk, Micronesia. March 2013


Careful aiming: Very precise alignment is necessary to make a 90km WiFi link, 60% of which is over water, work properly. Here Inveneo CTO Andris Bjornson aims the Mfangano Island end of the link. May 2012


Andris walks PNCC (a local telecom) CTO Brenda (far right) and PNCC engineers Prince (middle right) and Jessie through a survey using Inveneo’s Android-based mobile data collection tool. October 2013


Ferry ride: Just getting to OHR’s EK center on Mfangano Island is an adventure…one requiring four plane rides, two hours in an SUV, a ferry trip, a ride in a small wooden boat, and 15 minutes on the back of a moped. Here, Andris Bjornson (right) and Edwin Maore (Setright) relax for a moment on the way to Mfangano Island. May 2012


Andris in Chuuk, Micronesia, managing an Andriod Phone Survey Training. March 2013

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