Inveneo Launches Palau Advanced Wireless Pilot

In October 2013, Inveneo CTO Andris Bjornson and Senior Field Engineer Sam Perales traveled to Palau to conduct advanced wireless training and a pilot installation in collaboration with the PNCC (the local telecom) and the Palauan Ministry of Education. The pilot project was funded by the Pacific Telecommunications Council with the goal of giving a local telecom a better understanding of how to use low cost wifi based point to point broadband networking, using a school as a demonstration.

The project took a total of two weeks to complete, during which Bjornson and Perales instructed local engineers on proper survey techniques, tower safety, equipment configuration and maintenance. By the end of the project the PNCC staff were familiar with equipment and installation, and the Ngarchelong School was able connected to the Internet via a newly-established high-speed broadband link.

The first step was to familiarize local engineers with digital survey equipment. Bjornson walks PNCC CTO Brenda (far right) and PNCC engineers Prince (middle right) and Jessie through a survey using Inveneo’s android-based mobile data collection tool.


PNCC engineers use Inveneo’s mobile data collection survey (based on formhub and ODK collect) to conduct surveys at Palau schools.


PNCC engineers try on Petzl tower safety equipment in Inveneo’s tower safety workshop.


Bjornson works with the Ministry of Education engineering group on network diagramming and planning.


Ministry of Education engineers Edwel (left) and Thomas work to configure Ubiquiti M900 equipment during the training program.


Perales assembles equipment with Jessie from PNCC at a PNCC site in Ngaraard.


On one end of the wireless link, a PNCC engineer uses a bucket truck to simulate the possibility of building a tall pole mount at the Ngaraard School.


This newly installed Ubiquiti Nanobridge links Ngarchelong school to PNCC’s Ngarchelong tower, and from there back to the Palau Ministry of Education Headquarters on PNCC infrastructure. Six other schools are already linked to this infrastructure via PNCC DSL. Ngarchelong is the seventh.


Perales, Ministry of Education engineer Edwell and Ngarchelong school IT specialist Ibed pose for a picture under new equipment installed at Ngarchelong School’s computer lab. At top left is a new, Ministry-administered Mikrotik router, and at top right is a newly installed PNCC Hotspot.


Engineers from the Palau Ministry of Education, PNCC, and Inveneo pause for a photo on the roof of the MoE headquarters while performing a network survey


New connectivity means new equipment possibilities. Here students at Ngaraard School experiment with iPad tablets.


The principal of the Ngarchelong school poses with students under the newly installed Ubiquiti NanoBridge.

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