Panasonic Toughbook 53

High-performance rugged Windows laptop.

Ruggedized for harsh environments
Higher performance computing capabilities
Monitor that is viewable in direct sunlight


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Product Description

In 1998, Panasonic created the first semi-rugged computer. Now, Panasonic introduces the latest generation, the Panasonic Toughbook® 53. With a 14″ HD LED display, 2nd gen Intel Core™ i5 vPro™ and i3 processors* and an oversized multi touch touchpad, it performs like a desktop. Options for a sunlight-viewable Panasonic CircuLumin™ touchscreen, backlit keyboard, 4G LTE mobile broadband, an integrated webcam and enhanced connectivity, make this the most versatile semi-rugged PC ever.

When working in difficult conditions that require high performance in a mobile computer, the Panasonic Toughbook 53 may be a perfect match. This is a member of Panasonic’s “semi-rugged” line of the popular Toughbook series. Semi-rugged laptops are built to withstand difficult environments, but also capable of holding more data on larger hard drives and providing good performance. Unlike the expensive fully rugged laptops that Panasonic offers, you probably would not want to use these laptops in the middle of a rainstorm, but these laptops are certainly capable of handling dusty, hot conditions.

After unboxing the laptop, it was immediately evident that Panasonic was intentional about covering with covers all of the points on the laptop that could be poorly affected by dust. This protection is vital for computers that will operate in typical environments in which global development projects are performed. Also immediately evident is how big this laptop looks in comparison to other units with a comparable screen size, but this is expected due to the ruggedization process. It is not nearly as heavy as it looks and has a very nice handle that allows for easy carrying.

Another interesting feature of the laptop is the monitor. It doesn’t provide spectacular crispness, but it is designed to be used in direct sunlight, which could be a valuable feature for some.It is also very easy to change to a spare battery if traveling or if needed due to inconsistent grid power.

In the Inveneo Hotbox, the Toughbook 53 performed very well, playing high definition video at temperatures up to 45°C over three days.

Our recommendation is especially based on the following criteria:

Value Performance
Very high performance. The 53 comes with an excellent processor and chipset, featuring Intel’s i5 dual core processor. The i5 is a dual core, but also supports multi-threading that allows it to perform like a quad core CPU.
Value Ruggedness / Durability
Extremely durable. The Toughbook 53 is the most rugged laptop tested, easily passing all physical and environmental tests. High build quality has given the Toughbook line the solid reputation it deserves.
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