Intel ClassmatePC Pupil 103 Laptop

Small, durable Windows 7 laptop.

Ruggedized for harsh environments
Budget friendlyCons
May be too small for some users
Processing power may not suited to processor-intensive applications, such as video or sound editing or heavy use applications such as Adobe Photoshop.

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Product Description

Innovation in design, safety and resistance of the equipment and the performance efficiency make Pupil 103 the ideal tool for children to attain further knowledge.

The Intel Classmate PC is a budget-conscious series of machines that can be used in challenging environments while maintaining full performance When first looking at this machine, it’s clear that this laptop is quite a bit smaller than most standard laptops. The size actually influences the keyboard layout and it’s slightly non-standard positioning of the “shift” key and other non-alphanumerical keys. As seasoned touch-typists, Inveneo found that the smaller layout is not usually a problem after the first day or two when the user becomes accustomed to the new layout. For users who are entirely new to typing on a computer keyboard, or for those who use the common two-fingered “hunt-and-peck” or “Columbus” method, the smaller keyboard should not be a problem.

It’s important to note that while the ClassmatePC laptops may look small, they are capable of running Windows 7 very effectively. The laptop has built-in hard drive protection features and a solid body that allow the machine to withstand drops safely of up to 80cm (31in).

This computer is a great value, especially for basic internet and Office applications. However, it is important to note that, if the laptop is going to be used for highly processor-dependent applications, the Classmate may not be the best choice. In addition, the screen size is a bit small at 10.1 inches on the diagonal.

Our recommendation is especially based on the following criteria:

Value Value
The 103 is inexpensive for a semi-rugged computer.
Value Performance
The battery performance of the 103 is excellent, giving 7 hours of normal use in real-world situations. Typically, laptops in this price range will last just 3 to 4 hours.
Value Ruggedness / Durability
The Pupil 103 is a very rugged machine, extremely durable compared to similarly priced laptops. The unit featured drop detection and is water resistant. Excellent build quality.
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