Aleutia T1 Fanless Eco PC

Affordable 12V desktop with no moving parts.


Very low power consumption
Small and lightweight

Lesser-known manufacturer, based in London
Lack of distributors in developing countries

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Product Description

The affordable, Aleutia T1 computer can fit in your hands, offers great performance, is completely silent, and uses so little power you can run it on solar-charged 12V battery power. It includes a Dual Core Intel Atom N2800 processor, 2GB RAM, The T1 is available with either SSD storage (No Moving Parts) or a 250GB hard drive. The T1 is completely fanless and is works well in hot, dusty environments.

Reliability of No Moving Parts
The T1 was designed from the ground up to work in rural Africa. A special heatsink design and steel case allow the new T1 to work without fans even in high temperatures, making it ideal for dusty environments. Though the T1 includes an external AC power adapter, its built-in voltage regulator can operate on any DC voltage from 10V to 19V, allowing it run directly from a 12V battery without a regulator.

The Aleutia T1 PC, when teamed up with a low power monitor such as the 20” Asus VS208, makes an excellent performing computer system. The combination needs just 16W for normal operation with SSD storage, or about 21W with a 250GB hard drive. Performance is quite good for both general computing and full screen video due to the dual-core Intel Atom N2800 processor.

The Aleutia can be supplied with Windows 7 pre-installed and licensed, but only at Microsoft’s retail price. However, the manufacturer can offer a deployment image for the two storage devices that allows the client organization or end-user to enter their own Windows 7 license key. Linux is also an option.

This is the PC to use for truly harsh environments, or where 12VDC low-power battery operation is required.

Our recommendation is especially based on the following criteria:

Value Value
Value Performance
The T1 performs exceptionally well for a low power computer.
Value Power
The Aleutia T1 uses very little power compared to other comparable options, owing in part to the fact that it uses a solid-state hard drive.
Value Ruggedness / Durability
The T1 not only comes with a solid-state drive, it also has no moving parts whatsoever, significantly increasing the unit’s durability. It also performed well when subjected to temperature tests.
Value Reliability
Value User Experience
Value Manufacturer Support
Value Standalone / Dependencies
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