Asus EEE Box EB1007P

Low-Power Mini-Desktop Computer


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Product Description

The ASUS Eee Box EB1007P is a flexible 1L-sized energy efficient commercial PC that is easy to use, low on power consumption and provides excellent connectivity. The EB1007P comes with Windows 7 Professional installed.

The EB1007P is an excellent choice in power-constrained, moderately harsh environments. While not suited for processor-intensive applications (CAD/CAM, video editing, etc.), the EB1007P is an excellent choice for schools, offices and rural health clinics. Incredibly low-power (using a maximum of 16w), light and small, the EB1007P can be mounted on the back of a display to create a desktop computer that uses just 22w of power and takes up very little desk space.

The unit does have a fan and may not be the best choice for truly harsh environments (Sahara, etc.), but for most rural deployments the EB1007P is an excellent choice. Visit for information on harsh environment equipment recommendations.

Our recommendation is especially based on the following criteria:

Value Power
An EB1007P-based desktop computer uses just 22w during operation. Less than most laptops, 22w is half of what a typical low-power desktop uses and just 20-30% of the power required by donated computers we typically find in the field.
Value Ruggedness / Durability
While the EB1007P Does use fans, they are small and feature a bottom-to-top flow that is less likely to become clogged by dust when compared to larger front-to-back systems. The small size of the EB1007P also means that it can be mounted to the back of a monitor where it’s less likely to be damaged.
Value Reliability
The EB1007P is extremely reliable. We experienced a very small number of failures with thousands deployed in the field.
Value Manufacturer Support
As a manufacturer, Asus is very responsive when dealing with warranty issues, working specific with Inveneo to make sure that the warranty is valid in developing countries.
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