Advancing the New Machine: Human Rights and Technology

Information technologies are gaining a significant role in advancing human rights research and advocacy. But technology alone will not make the difference; what will is the combination of human rights defenders with the tools specifically designed to support their work.

In May 2009 UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center hosted “Soul of the New Machine”, an international conference focused on exploring the intersection of human rights, technology, and new media. Building on the success of the 2009 conference, Advancing the New Machine: Human Rights and Technology will convene human rights practitioners and technologists to discuss the progress, successes, and challenges that have emerged.

Central to the discussion will be Inveneo’s own Eric Blantz in the Circumventing Communications Blackouts panel.

The conference will be held on April 26th and 27th, 2011 at the David Brower Center. The Brower Center is dedicated to bring together people committed to environmental and social action.

Conference registration is now open. Click here to register.

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