Altruette Laptop Charm: The Perfect Holiday Gift for Your Favorite Geek

A computer without Internet access is like a car without fuel. And in the developing world, access to the web can mean the difference between wealth and poverty, or even life and death when disaster strikes.

Now you can support Inveneo whether you’re a techie or a technophobe, by wearing this laptop charm that connects you to the world beyond your desk.

The charm comes from Altruette, a classic line of charms with a philanthropic twist: each charm represents and benefits a different non-profit.

Charms come with a “cause card” that tells the consumer about the non-profit it represents and 50% of the net profit from the sale of each charm goes to the cause partners, a group of 25+ non-profits.

“For decades, women have worn charms to tell their personal story. They also have the ability to tell the story of the causes they represent,” says co-founder Lee Clifford.

Each charm is designed to symbolize the organization’s great work. For example, the laptop computer charm benefits Inveneo, your favorite San Francisco based nonprofit that helps connect the developing world through technology.

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