CLS Deploys Solar Computing Solutions at 52 Ugandan Schools

The Computers for Schools programme in Uganda is an effort by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to establish functional computer laboratories with modern equipment in selected schools.

In August 2009, the UCC held a competitive bidding process for a contract to supply computer labs to 52 schools. These schools are all located in regions with limited or non-existent electricity supply, so the computers must rely on solar power.

CLS, a certified Inveneo Partner, bid and won the competitive tender for 52 ICT centers by offering the best value for the UCC – Inveneo High-Performance Computing Stations and the solar power to operate them.

This March, CLS completed the installation of all 52 labs ahead of schedule. At each school, they installed ten Inveneo High-Performance Computing Stations, one Inveneo R4 server, a wireless LAN hub, and 7W DC lamps. Read the installation report (PDF) for the full details.

Solar Power Computing

To power the electronics, CLS installed eight 90W solar panels, three 200Ah deep cycle batteries, two 30A charge controllers using the Inveneo power configuration model.

The solar panels convert sunlight into energy, which is stored in the batteries through the charge controllers.

The solar power system is designed to require an average of five hours of sunshine to fully charge the batteries. At full charge, the batteries can run the ten computing stations and server for up to ten hours.

CLS is the leading supplier of low-power computing in Uganda.

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