Increasing ICT Capacity in Haiti

Today is the one-month anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. Amidst the destruction, the people of Port-au-Prince are rebuilding. Inveneo is honored to be one small part of that effort by facilitating high-speed Internet access to NetHope members – the world’s leading international humanitarian organizations – and to smaller social-service organizations as well.

Brian Shih tower climbing

Increasing Bandwidth Capacity

Our long-distance WiFi network now has a dozen nodes and to increase the network’s Internet bandwidth availability and reliability, we’ve partnered with two local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Multilink and Access Haiti.

Inveneo engineers connected to Multilink’s network though a long-distance WiFi link from their Bouthillier communications tower, and to Access Haiti via their WiMax network. Both terrestrial connections add redundancy to the original VSAT satellite connection from ITC Global.

Building Local Partner Capacity

Now that locals and aid workers in Haiti are starting to transition from initial emergency response to long-term rebuilding, Inveneo is seeking to expand our role from deploying communications for relief efforts to building local capacity. We hope to introduce our innovative Certified ICT Partner program and develop an ecosystem of ICT companies that provide skilled and cost-effective installation and support services for organizations in need of life-impacting ICTs.

With programmatic support, we can train local partners to offer prospective clients local ICT installation and maintenance services supported by Inveneo’s cutting edge research and development into appropriate ICT systems.

Our Silicon Valley-inspired training and support, and the specialized tools and equipment to expand into rural and underserved areas, already has large scale impact throughout sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Thanks to Inveneo’s current sponsors – Inveneo and our Certified ICT Partners have already brought access to valuable and innovative ICTs to more than 1,000,000 people in rural and underserved areas of the developing world.

We’re looking forward to doing the same throughout Haiti, where an enthusiastic and knowledgeable ICT community is eager to rebuild their country.

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