Inveneo Empowering the Hajj in Nigeria

For Nigerian Muslims, the Hajj is a very special event. An annual pilgrimage to Mecca, the Hajj is one of the seven pillars of Islam and an obligation that every able-bodied Muslim should complete at least once in their life.

Nigeria’s government helps its Muslim citizen experience Hajj through its Pilgrim’s Board — an agency that facilitates trips for both Muslims and Christians to visit Mecca and Jerusalem respectively. Each year, the Pilgrim’s Board sends thousands of Muslims to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, for the Hajj.

Typical paperwork for pilgrimsIn order to get this many people to the Hajj, the Pilgrim board must work through a visa process that requires Excel spreadsheets feeding into a Oracle database file running on the server, that is then sent to Saudi Arabia. Inveneo Certified ICT PartnerAurora Wireless, installed eight Inveneo Computing Stations and two Inveneo Communication Stations at the Pilgrim Board offices in Niger State.

This innovative technology backbone has increased the efficiency of the Piligrim’s Board, showcasing how Inveneo solutions improve communications across Africa — even spiritual communications.

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