Sega Silicon Valley Community Knowledge Centre (CKC)

Sega Silicon Valley, started by Simba Friends, is an organization whose goal is to empower its community through IT trainings and eco-development in rural western Kenya.

In October 2008, Inveneo trained Sega Silicon Valley’s technical team on sustainable rural ICT deployments. In March 2008, Cisco chose Sega as the first CKC location in Kenya and Inveneo worked with Sega to identify their needs to improve access to ICTs for the community program. Inveneo provided a computer center for a primary school located a few kilometers away from the main community center to serve the primary school children and the local community. The center includes a wireless network, 20 ultra-low power computers and a low power server, Linux operating system, a collection of software aggregated for local communities’ use (a typing tutor, Skype, instant messaging, etc.) and both primary and secondary education school content from Africa-based Learnthings.

Additionally, Inveneo worked with Sega to design and equip a long-distance wireless (WiFi) network connecting four locations from their main community center (including the primary school) so that they are all able to access the Internet and share the cost of bandwidth.

These systems will provide a key part of the basic infrastructure for use as a tool for economic development via the CKC in Sega.

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