Inveneo Sales Process Change Notification

Starting on June 20 Inveneo will no longer be selling equipment directly. All equipment previously available through Inveneo will instead be purchased directly from distributors. This is a major change to our services, so please take the time to read this entire message.

Overview and Impacts

Our ICIP program has been immensely successful and we’re proud of the work we’ve done supporting ICT entrepreneurs in the communities aroundt he world.
Starting June 10, Inveneo will no longer be supplying equipment directly to ICIPs. Instead, all equipment previously available through Inveneo sales channels will need to be sourced through outside vendors. We’ve worked with specialists worldwide to ensure that most products will be available through regional distributors. Some Inveneo-specific products may be discontinued, but we’ll do our best to find direct replacements and suppliers and to keep you up to date.

Why Change Now?

There are several reasons this change is happening now. The largest reason is that the right equipment is far more available. Just a few short years ago the only way to get the right equipment into many of the communities we serve was to manage the supply chain ourselves.

Today the right computing and broadband equipment is available through distributors around the world. Funnelling equipment through our own facilities adds unnecessary cost and delays.

Additionally, Inveneo is shifting our energy to focus on core areas of Sustainable Broadband and Education Solutions. We’re channelling our resources on designing solutions and delivering them into the field instead of building and selling devices. It’s what we’re best at, and we plan to work with you in these areas

What Does this Mean for ICIPs?

By moving our sales towards specialized distributors, we’re opening up the way ICIPs can do business. ICIPs will now have access to products from trusted, motivated entrepreneurs, building connections and sharing information directly. We’ll be continually adding to our list of recommended suppliers, working to build the community of ICT entrepreneurs and increase the visibility of ICIPs around the world. We’re excited about this change and think it’s a great step forward.

Product Availability

Most of the products previously available through Inveneo are still available for purchase through distributors. Over time products will naturally become obsolete or be replaced by newer models, and when this happens we’ll likely be able to recommend an updated model or a suitable replacement.

We’ve also identified several distributors and are recommending Wayratel and WISCO as suppliers of ICT equipment. Both are nimble and focused on ICT equipment. Detailed contact information is available at the bottom of this page.

Nairobi-based Wayra Telecom distributes Ubiquiti and Mikrotik equipment across Africa. An excellent supplier of wireless equipment, owner Bruce Schultze and his team have years of practical experience in wireless deployments.

Miami-based WISCO distributes general ICT equipment, from wireless broadband to sustainable computing. Owned by Reginald Chauvet, an ICIP partner with experience in Haiti, WISCO is well positioned logistically and brings a deep understanding of market challenges and equipment needs.

If you have any questions or concerns with ordering from new distributors, please let us know. We’re here to help over the next few months during this transition.

Continuing Support for Current Products

One thing we want to make clear though, is that we’re not going anywhere. We’ll still be available to handle specific technical support questions on the products you have in the field. Our commitment is to deliver the best sustainable broadband and educations solutions in the world, and that includes support for existing products.

Technical support will continue to be handled by our current support process, and new support tickets can be opened by sending email to

Announcing the Inveneo Certified Solution Guide

With this in mind, we’re excited to introduce the Inveneo Certified Solution Guide: a guide to the ICT equipment that meets Inveneo’s needs in the field.

With offices in San Francisco we’re uniquely positioned to interact with new technology as it comes onto the market, and with the ICSG we’re developing and sharing a guide to the equipment we’re using in the field. The ICSG will keep you up to date with the equipment we’re using in the field, and let benefit from the lessons we’re learning every day.

Visit the ICSG and learn about the equipment Inveneo is using in the field today.

And, Thanks!

We’re immensely thankful to all of our ICIPs and the successes we’ve had through the program so far. We’re excited to keep supporting existing projects and hope that the information we publish through the ICSG helps you build stronger networks and grow your business.

We’re also ready to reach out to you and/or work with you on new projects.

Distributor Contact Info

WISCO International

General ICT / Radio / Broadband Equipment

WISCO International is a worldwide distributor of quality communications equipment. Based in the Miami area, WISCO supplies the telecom industry with an array of high-quality wireless solutions.

WISCO has worked directly with Inveneo to stock much of the equipment in the ICSG.

Mailing / Billing:
P.O.Box 551269
Davie, FL 33355-1269 USA

Ship-to / Physical:
1844 North Nob Hill Road, Unit 432
Plantation, FL 33322-6548 USA

Phone: +1 (954) 370-3996
Fax: +1 (954) 370-3997

Wayra Telecom

Radio / Broadband Equipment

Wayra Telecom Ltd based in Nairobi, is a new Master Distributor for Africa for Ubiquiti Networks. The company has been in distribution of Internet equipment in Latin America since early 1990’s as Representatives of USRobotics, Lucent Technologies, Motorola Canopy, Meraki and MikroTik. Ubiquiti has recently featured the Wayra’s sister company Aire.Ec as one of its world-wide success stories and will soon be featured in a video on Ubiquiti’s web site.

Wayra knows wireless well. In 2000 the company became one of the very first South American WISP’s (Wireless Internet Service Providers). Wayra’s customers in Latin America and Africa now have over 120,000 wireless links in operation – an incredible real world test-bed of wireless from which many lessons can be learned.

Wayra is keen to share this ample and unique experience with Inveneo Partners on a mutually-beneficial basis and is open at no-obligation to possible collaboration in such areas as WISP business, network design, bandwidth management, billing systems, and other value added services such as security, VOIP and the booming new area of machine to machine communications via the Internet.

Argwings Kodhek Rd.
Regent Court C-7
P. O. Box 8020-00100
Hurlingham – Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel +1 (254) (20) 520 2086 / +(254)770877260 / 725449424