Dominic Orr

Board Member

Dominic Orr was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Aruba Networks in April 2006. Prior to that, Mr. Orr served as the company’s Chairman of the Board. In early 2015, Aruba was sold to HP for $3 billion dollars. Before Aruba, Mr. Orr was President of Nortel Networks’ Intelligent Internet Business Unit. Mr. Orr also served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Alteon WebSystems, a leader in Layer 4-7 networking, which was merged with Nortel Networks in October 2000. Mr. Orr started his career as Member of Technical Staff in Communications Networking for Hughes Aircraft and held senior management positions at Hewlett-Packard and Bay Networks prior to becoming President and CEO of Alteon. He holds a BS in physics from City University of New York and a MS and PhD from the California Institute of Technology, where he has been an advisor on the Information, Science and Technology Program for the last decade, and also was named Distinguished Alumni in 2009. Mr. Orr currently serves on the Board of Directors of Inveneo, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco with a focus on Information and Communication Technologies for organizations supporting underserved communities in the developing world, mostly in Africa.

Bob Marsh

Treasurer, Vice President Engineering and Co-Founder, Inveneo

Co-Founder and VP Engineering 30+ years in Consumer and wireless computing technology – starting with one of the first home computers, now in the Smithsonian. He was a founder of early personal computer startup, Processor Technology Corp, founder and VP Engineering at document management firm, Document Technologies (IPO#1), and Director of Hardware Development at GSM equipment maker Interwave Communications (IPO#2).

Currently he is also a Board of Directors member of two other Bay Area non-profits.

Mark Summer

Board Member and Co-Founder, Inveneo

Over 15 years specializing in VoIP/IP Networking Architectures and Operations Management. Most recently Mark was CTO of IPDeliver. Previous to IPDeliver, he founded ImmediateIT, a company that provided consulting for VoIP network design and service roll-out. Prior to ImmediateIT, Mark played key technology strategy and support team development roles in Mirapoint, NetCentrex, GoRemote. He started his career in Internet Services by launching Computer Management GmbH in Germany, an IT training, consulting and enterprise ISP in 1991.

Mark grew up around the world living the US, South Africa and Germany before he was 8 and has never stopped traveling. He has lived in Thailand, and Malaysia and recently traveled through Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia on motorcycle. Now he is based in one place for awhile – San Francisco.

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