Support Inveneo’s Response to Typhoon Haiyan

Inveneo’s recent assessment of areas affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan has given us a first-hand view of the scope of the damage and the vital role communications are playing right now. We’re launching a large response effort to provide organizations with rugged tablets set up with coordination tools and to extend connectivity to organizations throughout affected areas. Click here to donate today.

Deploying Tablets to Responders

After a full week in the affected areas we’ve seen what responders are asking for and the critical role technology is playing in planning routes and operational movement. As a result, we’re loading up several hundred rugged tablets we received as a donation from Google with a suite disaster response applications to give organizations access to up-to-date crisis maps and to help coordinate their efforts. Our goal is to get these devices into the hands of responders and perform trainings on how to use them in the field. Our minimum cost to deploy is $30k, which will cover 100 tablets, travel and equipment training for approximately 30 organizations. Additional donations will be used to extend our field operations. We’ve seen how invaluable this technology is and we’re moving quickly to deploy it where it’s needed.

tablets-1Left: Nhots Celzo of UMCOM uses an Android device to coordinate communications relief efforts. Right: One of the Nexus 7 tablets we’ll be deploying, showing up-to-date maps of Tacloban.

tablets-2United Methodists Committee on Relief staff use tablets and other mobile devices to keep up-to-date with community-generated information like CrisisSignal and OsmAnd Maps.

Extending Internet Connectivity

Along with rugged tablets, Inveneo teams are deploying to extend connectivity from current access points to areas without Internet access. The same type of wireless equipment we successfully deployed during our Haiti earthquake response can rapidly extend the reach of infrastructure in the Philippines, allowing recovery workers to coordinate and respond more effectively.

Today we need your help. Donate and Support Our Response.

Our team is gearing up to return to the Philippines, and we need your support. The tablets and connectivity we’re deploying act as multipliers for organizations on the ground, increasing coordination and amplifying response efforts across the board. Click here to donate, and make an impact on the typhoon response today.

Thank you for your support, today and on all of our projects over the past eight years.

The Inveneo Team

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