Inveneo/Perfect 15″ Monitor

Lightweight, low-power 15” LED monitor


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Product Description

The Inveneo/Perfect 15” monitor is a lightweight, super low-power monitor. Consuming just 7 watts during operation, this moderately bright LED monitor is an excellent choice.

This monitor is useful anyplace where power is an issue and transportation costs are high due to it being small and light. The monitor will function on standard AC power as well as 12v, working on battery power directly. The 15 is perfect for school installations as it’s easy to attach a computer like the Asus EB1007P on the back, making it hard for students to break. Inveneo has placed thousands of these monitors in the field with outstanding results.

Our recommendation is especially based on the following criteria:

Value Power
The 15 is an excellent performer. The monitor operates with just 7w, which is incredibly low. Typical LED monitors consume 15-30 watts, while 25-40w is normal for LCDs.
Value Reliability
The 15 has an incredibly low failure rate. We’ve placed thousands in the field over several years and have had very few failures.
Value Standalone / Dependencies
The 15 is less dependant on power systems than traditional monitors due to to the fact that it can run on 12v systems directly without requiring AC power.
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