HP Officejet Pro 8600

All-in-One Inkjet Printer


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Product Description

The HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One printer is a multifunction inkjet printer / copier / scanner with swift print speeds and an intuitive touchscreen interface. The 8600 is generally recommended for home offices and professional environments that need a dependable workhorse printer.

We always recommend inkjet printers in power-constrained environment as they use a tiny fraction of the power used by laser printers, typically 17-40w for an inkjet compared with a minimum of 300w or more for a laser printer. And while the cost per page may be lower for with a laser printer, the capital costs of additional power equipment are much higher. While inkjets are universally preferred in power-constrained areas, The 8600 is specifically recommended for use in rural deployments for it’s power consumption, reliability and wide array of features. Also, while ink does cost more than laser toner on a cost-per-page basis, there capital cost of the extra power equipment to power a laser printer (batteries, solar panels, etc.) can be much higher. Typically one laser printer will use an equal or greater amount of power than the rest of the IT equipment combined. The HP Officejet Pro 8600 is a standard, dependable printer in office and classroom environments. Supplies are readily available in markets around the world and the printer’s memory card slots enable it to generate income as a rural photo printer.

Our recommendation is especially based on the following criteria:

Value Power
Inkjet printers in general use far less power than laser printers, which can use upwards of 250w. The 8600 uses a max of 34w when in operation and 2w when idle and in sleep mode.
Value Reliability
HP printers are generally very reliable and even within the brand not all inkjets are created equally. Many of HP’s DeskJet printers are rated for 1,000-5,000 pages per month (PPM). The 8600 by contrast is rated for 25,000 PPM and intended for heavy-duty business use. Regardless of actual printing needs, this duty cycle indicates a higher build quality which translates directly into fewer maintenance issues and a longer lifespan in the field.
Value User Experience
The 8600 is very simple to setup and use. All controls are managed through an intuitive, responsive touch screen and installation is easy regardless of the operating system used. Drivers and printer information are all available through the printer’s built-in web interface.
Value Standalone / Dependencies
The 8600 is extremely versatile and can be accessed over ethernet, WiFi, USB or through memory cards. The 8600 also uses ink cartridges and replacement parts that have been in production for years and are generally available worldwide.
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