Mikrotik 751G-2HnD

RouterBOARD RB:751G-2HnD


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Product Description

The Mikrotik 751G-2HnD is a capable router and, along with Inveneo’s custom configuration file, makes for an appropriate edge device in most LAN scenarios. The router is far more customizable and powerful that typical home-based devices, and cheaper than Inveneo’s previous offering, the R4. The device is easy to maintain, does not require linux command line experience and features a web-accessible graphical user interface. It serves as a direct replacement for routing functionality of R4 and, with usage graphs available to track bandwidth usage across different ports, offers an exceptional level of value.

Features Include

  • A pre-configured firewall
  • Wireless access point and configured wireless security, including brute-force and port-scanning protection
  • DHCP client and server setup
  • Remote access via Winbox and SSH
  • Basic file-sharing
  • WiFi access point up to 20 users


Inveneo Custom Configuration File

As part of our testing and deployment, we’ve developed a custom configuration file based on filed-tested best practices that provides foundational functionality and security for a school. The configuration file will update the default router settings to include:

  • Preconfigured firewall
  • WiFi enabled with security configured
  • DHCP client server enebled
  • Remote access via WinBox and SSH
  • Basic filesharing
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