Low Power Computing Means Lower Cost Computing

One of the biggest challenges in determining what kind of ICT installation to do, is calculating the ongoing operating costs of running the systems. This is particularly important when grid power is either unreliable or simply non-existent, and additional power infrastructure needs to be installed to support the ICT systems. In these situations, the cheapest initial systems may not be the least expensive solution.

Solar power has a high installation cost per watt and while generator power is cheaper to buy, it’s expensive to run when in fuel and maintenance is factored in. In fact, the ongoing cost of power, and the equipment required to power the computers is a bigger issue than the cost of computers – often ten to twelve times the cost of the ICT equipment over five years.

To help you understand these costs and figure them into your installations, Inveneo now offers you an Inveneo Solution Energy Cost Savings Calculator (77kb .xls), which will show in local currency the amount of money you will save with an Inveneo solution compared to other computers or even donated computers.

Download the Inveneo Solution Energy Cost Savings Calculator (77kb .xls), following the directions and begin saving! In order to purchase an Inveneo solution please contact your local Certified ICT partner.

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